You Are Not Alone documents the intimate confessions of two very different Senegalese women in a unique African setting where science and superstition, tradition and modernity, religion and divine faith blend. Yet their stories are universal, and their hopes, dreams and prayers for a baby will resonate the world over.

You Are Not Alone, 2019, is a short documentary written and directed by Jane Labous and Shona Hamilton. 

The film has toured the festival circuit throughout 2019 and 2020. It showed at St Petersburg International Film Festival (Audience Special Mention Award) / Evolution Mallorca 2019 / Southampton Film Week 2019 (Best Documentary) / Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes 2019 / Worldwide Women's Film Festival 2020 / DUMBO Film Festival, New York (Semi-Finalist) / Worldwide Women's Festival 2020 / West African Film Festival 2020 / Paris Lift Off Festival 2020.


You Are Not Alone is part of the ANGELS documentary project, funded by an E19,000 European Journalism Centre (EJC) grant, and sponsored by BBC Radio 4's From Our Own Correspondent, and Geographical Magazine.


Jane Labous conceived, produced, directed and secured funding for the ANGELS documentary project, which included two short documentary films using different experimental formats, radio, photography and long-form features for international media. 

ANGELS won a “Merck More than a Mother” ‘Media Recognition & Film Award 2019 in ‘Film Category’ for French-Speaking African Countries.  

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