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ANGELS is an independent documentary project directed by Jane Labous exploring the taboo issue of infertility in Africa. 


The project, including films, essays, photography and audio pieces in English and French, and funded by a grant from the European Journalism Centre, documents how West African women and doctors are determined to shatter taboos around the subject of infertility, offering women opportunities for treatment and support. 

The ANGELS story has featured on BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service, Geographical and Jeune Afrique, 

The drama, You Are Not Alone, premiered at the St Petersburg International Film Festival in July 2019, then at Mallorca Evolution Film Festival 2019 and Southampton Film Week 2019, where it won Best Documentary. It was also selected for Mediterranean Film Festival, Cannes, 2019, and Worldwide Women's Film Festival 2020. 

The ANGELS documentary project won the “Merck More than a Mother” ‘Media Recognition & Film Award 2019 in ‘Film Category’ for French-Speaking African Countries.  

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