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Jane Labous is the author of three novels: Past Participle (Afsana Press, 2023); The Chameleon Girl (Farafina Books. 2022), and Oh, Sugar, publishing in October 2024, with Afsana Press. 

Jane is also an award-winning journalist known for her frontline coverage of human rights, humanitarian and gender issues, always telling the powerful human stories behind the headlines, with credits ranging from the BBC — including regular slots on BBC Radio 4's From Our Own Correspondent — to other radio, magazines, newspapers, and the UN. She has worked for INGOs including Amnesty International, Save The Children, and The World Health Organisation. In addition to writing fiction, she currently works as Global Features Editor at an international INGO, Plan International.


Jane has won the BBC Radio 4 and Royal Geographical Society Journey of a Lifetime Award; a European Journalism Centre Development Reporting Grant, and a Guardian Development Prize, while her Senegal-based multi-medium documentary, Angels, won the Merck More than a Mother Media Recognition & Film Award for Francophone African Countries 2019 and Best Documentary at the Southampton Film Festival 2019.


Jane is a devoted single parent, and lives in Dorset with her daughter. 


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