Jane Labous worked as a Global Press Officer covering Africa and emergencies for the children's rights charity Plan International, and she still freelances regularly for Plan. 


As GRIOT, Jane now offers high-level creative communications consultancy, including strategic communications planning. storytelling, and the production of creative multi-media content for international charities, companies and institutions, as well as editing and copywriting.


Clients include Save The Children, World Health Organisation (WHO), Power for All, Plan International, Imperial College London, RNLI International, Hellenic Rescue Team, Plan UK and Amnesty International. Jane is currently working as a consultant for the World Health Organisation (WHO) to develop a number of creative-content projects, and craft new ways of working creatively within the limitations of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Jane also runs storytelling workshops, enabling organisations to effectively tell their stories via different mediums - most recently for a local sea-rescue team in Lesvos, Greece.

Here you can see a few of the promotional videos Jane has produced for charity clients, as well as other content work. This includes conceiving and commissioning a major UN exhibition on drowning for RNLI International, which appeared at the UN in New York in 2018.


Please see the PDF document, and contact Jane on janelabous@hotmail.com for outstanding ideas, storytelling, content production, editing and copywriting services. 

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