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Telling the human story
Award-winning novelist and journalist, telling stories from West Africa and elsewhere.
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"A rollicking adventure story with a glorious, Bondesque glamour… Gloria Fontaine is the thinking woman’s James Bond. Left me totally wanting to be a spy!"​

Out September 2024 @AfsanaPress

"This novel is perfection. Reminds me of John Le Carré’s The Constant Gardener, but at the same time, a unique, magnificently-written novel. You won’t regret reading this."​

2023 @AfsanaPress

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"While there have been numerous stories depicting the experiences of biracial individuals and their unique struggles, The Chameleon Girl is a breath of fresh air."​

2022 @FarafinaBooks

Image by Antoine Tempe


The brave women standing up to social stigma in Senegal



You Are Not Alone 

tells the intimate stories of women suffering from infertility in Senegal - and the pioneering female doctors helping them have babies

You Are Not Alone tells the intimate stories of women suffering infertility in the face of stigma in Senegal, and won Best Documentary at Southampton Film Festival

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The Sand Diggers of Mali

The traditional mud masons facing a changing world

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Burkina Faso's Stolen Children

Young boys dragged into conflict find refuge at a hidden care centre

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